Here at FruFix it is our goal to provide our customers with services and support that is important to all areas of your business. We offer these with the best service at very competitive rates, which are defined in a SLA (Service Level Agreement). At the right side you will find some services that we can provide customers.

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Our Services

  • Hardware Maintenance

    Whether replacing a failed disk or a failed controller, we deliver hardware maintenance from A to Z!

  • Installation

    Naturally, the installation of your systems also belong among the services we provide. Because your systems form the foundation of your business it is crucial that your systems are installed according to the highest standards.

  • System Relocation

    Do you need to relocate your systems? Avoid unpleasant surprises by ensuring yourself of a great service. It is vital that a good preparation took place (e.g. Site visits and rollback scenario’s) before proceeding to uninstall, transport and reinstall at the new location.

  • Degaussing

    Did you know that after formatting a hard disk the data can be reconstructed? Want to make sure your corporate data is safe after your data carriers (e.g. hard drives, USB-drive) leave your property? We provide our customers with a professional and secure method of disposing your corporate data carriers through degaussing and/or physical destruction.

  • Deployment & Migration

    Within every organization it is decided at some point that the hardware and software must be renewed or standardized. We are glad to be of service to your organization with the rollout and migration to your new environment.

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